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Passion control is pure emotion!
Joie de vivre, love, lust and passion! The pieces grab the soul AND you can feel it. The bands joy of playing spreads like a conflagration in the audience.

Passion Control is a Jazzfunk fusion band from Munich, which mainly plays their own compositions.
Musically the pieces cover a wide range between fast, danceable funk with jazzy and freely improvised elements and also influences of rock.

The songs are written by Timea Göghova and Thomas Archinal.
Passion Control’s music is a collage of arrangements and improvisation in creative sessions:
An anecdote during one all (changed by Thomas;-) of our sessions:
Thomas: Are you prepared?
Timea: ähm, why should I? I’ll improvise...
This is the way we’ve done our best songs.
...the only bad thing about this is, that you have to learn, what you improvised earlier. LOL
Follow us on this experimental journey!

You can book us as a duo, trio or as a complete Band.
Please contact us directly for appointments, conditions and further details under:
Dear friends and fans of Passion Control, our EP CDs are finally here.
You can get it hopefully soon at our concerts or on FB or also request it by mail for just 5€ + shipping.
Sample orders from the press or the concert promoters are welcome.

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Life's too Short
EP release: Before the First
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