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Timea Göghova  
Her love of music and singing was first publicly obvious in 1997 during preparations for high school musical Hair. Since then she has been singing and composing in a wide variety of genres.
From 1998 to 2001 she lived in England, where she had intensive experience with classical music in the Islington Choir (e.g. St. Matthew Passion by Bach). She has lived in Munich since 2001, where she made a name for herself in the metal sector.

Main projects:
2002 until 2004: excursion into a rock & pop cover band called Ronita
2004 until 2006: alternative & indie band called Scintilla
2006 until 2008: First Class Sixx (hard rock & metal cover)
2008 until 2009: Mock Modesty (Heavy Metal)
2009 until 2015: Infinum (progressive melodic metal)
2015 until now: Arcana Obscura (electric world music)
In 2016 she was a co-founder of the melodic metal band Still Awake, which was on a European tour and has been very successful to this day.
In 2017 she was co-founder of the funk / jazz / fusion band Passion Control.

Winner of the Emergenza Süddeutschland Finale 2017 with Still Awake.
Winner of Heavy Summerbreak Festival 2012 with Infinum

SZ: Sieg beim Emergenza-Festival
Still Awake

Passion Control - EP Before the First (2020)
Still Awake – EP (2019)
Infinum – Illusions (2017)
Arcana Obscura – 2000 Miles (2017)
Thomas Archinal
Composer and multi-instrumentalist. The intensive occupation with the genres of funk, rock, jazz, flamenco, Latin and modern classic results in a creative, symbiotic composition and playing style that searches for and finds something unusual. Countless concerts since 1974 form the basis for routine live work.
Intensive studio work, numerous, sophisticated compositions and film music as well as the sound installation “Music from Chaos” as part of the exhibition “The imperfect man” (Hygiene Museum Dresden) show his wide scope.

Discography and main projects:
Passion Control - EP Before the First (2020)
Livemusik zu Arthur Schnitzlers "Reigen" Modernes Theater Aschaffenburg (2008)
2. Regensburger Weltmusik Sampler (2001)
Regensburger Weltmusik Sampler (1999)
Chamäleon / Acoustic Root (1999)
Two It / TWO IT (div. 1992-1995)
1822 / Con Gas (1989)
Alive / City Kids (1987)

Boarisch heiradn (2010)
Freiwild (2009)
Pauls Welt(2008)
Die Mitgift (2007)
Mandelblüte (2005)
Dachschaden (2003)
Barcelona (2003)
Roland Pohle      
Picked up the bass at the age of 16 and within a few month his band won the first band contest. He fell in love with the fatness and the groove of the bass guitar and he never looked back. He taught himself different styles from Rock, Pop, Blues and also some portions of Jazz, Country and more. Since 35 years on stage he still loves to lay down the groove!
Marco Marzenke 
Marco started to play the drums in his late twenties, seeking and finding the company of seasoned and experienced musicians from the very outset. Since then, the love for his instrument and the passion for music keeps on growing. For him, nothing beats that spark when a group of musicians play in tight unison. His activities feature both original and cover songs across a wide range of styles. He’s not in it for the fame or the riches, his only goal is that you move to the groove…
Sabrina Springer (Sabsy)
Music has always been a part of Sabsy’s life as she started her musical career at the age of three with playing the flute. Later she started to play the piano as well but soon discovered the instrument she truly loved: The saxophone.

After she started, she soon got into the local orchestra - being the youngest member at that point – and into the Big Band of her school. Sabsy passed all examinations of the MON and was awarded with the golden badge for her skills.

Since she picked up the saxophone, she has never stopped and is still part of various musical groups, such as Big Bands, orchestras, and smaller formations as she considers herself a “musical junkie”. She co-founded My little Mayhem in 2013 with which she won her first Band Contest in 2015.

In 2021, Sabsy joined Passion Control and here she has found equally minded and experienced musicians there with whom she can share all of her ambitions and she received the chance to prove herself by already participating in the production of their second EP “Second beyond the first”.
Dara Zusko         
Dara began the violin at the age of three and has never stopped since then. She performed her first concerto at the age of five. Dara has had the privilege of studying with world renowned musicians such as Victor Danchenko, Vladimir Orloff (chamber music) and concert violinist Moshe Hammer just to name a few.
Dara has performed throughout North America as a soloist and as a chamber musician with her brother renowned Juilliard graduate Darrett Zusko.
Dara Zusko was the youngest member of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra which she performed with while obtaining her Honours Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of Windsor with a focus on violin performance and a minor in Russian and Slavic languages and literature.
Dara Zusko later moved to Munich where she is a first violinist with the Münchner Kammerphilharmonie DaCapo.
Dara has not only performed in the classical genre but also has experience in the Pop and modern branches having performed with Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Jann Arden, Wayne Newton and many others.